Bobo rejoins the ride

This is about an adventure, a scooter ride from Vancouver, BC. across the Canadian rockies, over the glacier National Park “going to the sun” road, across the northern plains, up through the great north woods back to canada, North of the great lakes and then down through the Adirondacks, then the Green and White mountains of VT and NH  to the coast of Maine @ Portland . 10 days 3200+ miles. on a VESPS GTS 250.

REAL cannonball scooters! I am such a tourist...Slow Hot ride through DC to the Arboretum, and re start to OCean City the final 160+ miles.Slow Hot ride through DC to the Arboretum, and re start to OCean City the final 160+ miles.

But more than that this is about a journey to prepare for this, scrambling, researching, soul searching,stressing out , wondering, planning, and basically being scared shitless of the task at hand. I have been following the Cannonballers since Mid 2008, I was laid up with a full body infection brought on by cellulitis in my left leg. the doctor said toes above nose for two months. I was in bed wishing that I was anywhere else. I joined Modern vespa forum in May having purchased my Vespa only six months before and now as close as I was going to get was an occaisional limp out to do some garage , “scooter gazing”.

Well I read the blogs and cannonball prep that was happening, I read Bobo’s cross country adventure I followed a another scooterista I forget her name and was hooked on the idea of a long distance scoot. I followed Jess’ scooter build project, and read all other available blog/forum stuff on CBR. By September I was back to work and lo and behold…we have a schoolwide Vacation! in SEPTEMBER!!!

 well I decided that I would take part in the day 10 meet up with the cannonballers @ whites ferry Maryland , west od DC and participate in the ride through DC and on to the finish in Ocean City MD….

On the Boardwalk in O.C.

It was at the Days Inn  parking lot in Ocean City MD where I truly caught the Cannonball fever!

 I was so impressed by their feat and not wanting to butt in and come empty handed….

 I brought 2 cases of beer, 24 Newcastle Brown ale and 24 Shipyard Export Ale ( from Maine), I had them all iced down in a giant flimsy styro cooler and had stashed them in the Manager’s office at the days Inn around midnight the night before. I then drove to Eaton MD , parked the truck and trailer, slept about 4 hours. got up and then started my 80 mile scooter journey into DC and then out to whites ferry MD and then back again all the way to Ocean City where I was able to buy the cannonballers an Ice cold beer or three! ( about 360 miles).

 This feat eventually led to me being dubbed “the Beer fairy” on the Modern Vespa Forum. all hail the beer fairy…:)


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