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packing and planning

Posted: July 15, 2010 in The Junque Pile

The question , whenever one goes on such a journey is What to bring? What will I need? well, I used to say in the Restaurant Industry, wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what you were going to sell each and every night?… or once we were all prepped up for the rush and it was “hurry up and wait” time, the question would be ” what are we going to run out of first?” usually this seemed like a silly question but in reality with some common sense guided by experience  (thank you Nero Wolfe) we could anticipate…

 The Cannonball philosophy is to be self sufficient, prepped scooter, fix it with what you have along the way. Now with a modern vespa scooter the CW is that the only issue should be “consumables. Belts, rollers, tires, oils, fuel. The engine and all those other parts were built to last.

BUT was a vespa built to ride WOT ( wide open throttle) or WFO  for hours on end?? its a girly bike right? it has a purse hook! ( or curry hook in India). and how much stuff can you carry along with yourself and make it?

I will need clothes and I always pack too heavy, I will also need my “leg pumps” a sequential circulator machine that helps my leg circulation do its thing… my leg veins are shot, from years of working on my feet , being overweight and heredity ( I drew a bad lot) as several doctors have said. so the pumps come along. on a recent round trip to VT the pumps fit in the saddlebags just fine, this left the clothes to the dry bag placed at my feet which was fine as well but not for CBR. They will go in the support truck. ( did I mention a support truck?)

today I need to split some ice blocks, and carve some Luges for weekend pick up, this entails driving to the shop,  setting up the big sthil sawmill and doing some measuring and snow shovelling of the tailings…  off to pump my legs and then to the “studio”<< Ice ARTISTS HAVE A STUDIO!

 the scoot “Bettie” shortened from” Bettie Joe” a tribute to Bettie Page and Joe Strummer, well bettie is out in the garage seat up, starter removed, waiting for her heart to return from the rebuild shop down Hampstead way…later tonight I plan to take off the exhaust, remove the rear wheel and replace the stock shocks with YSS racing shocks and at the same time put on my Heidenau K66lt all weather tires, I will do the front tire as well. I will do the oil change at the same time, this leaves, the belts and rollers, and all fluids to be checked/changed.