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Back in 1978 I was a bright eyed lad going off to Culinary School!! I had worked in Restaurants and a country Club, and was very pleased to learn that there was a COLLEGE FOR COOKING!

I am sitting in Dr. Dominic Vavala’s Nutrition Class and every day he calls all the roll with “authority and perfect pronounciation.

Lourdes Cino… John Couture… well flash forward 22 years and I have been successful chef in Las Vegas, and I moved east, I accepted a position as a chef instructor at Le Cordon Bleu In Dover NH. and on my opening day’s “walk around and meet the gang” I am introduced to “john Couture” Hey! weren’t you in Dr. Vavala’s Nutrition Class at Johnny Wales??? hell yeah! wow small world.

 so CANNONBALL, I met up with Chef C

Chef Cooch checking out "Bettie"

outure ” Cooch” and we discussed doing it for the future chefs! Riding cannonball as a fundraiser for the high school culinary students who may wish to continue their culinary journey by attending Culinary School.

 Chef Couture runs the high school vocational culinary Program at “Sanford regional ” aka Noble High school in Berwick Maine!

Scolarships for kids with a passion for cooking and doing it right, WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SET THIS ALL UP OR HOW TO FORMAT IT.

but we will be taking pledges per mile and somehow setting up a donations section on this blog. YAY

 and Chef Cooch and his gang of bright eyed foodies just may have a suprise waiting for us when we reach the eastern shore! (pass the butter…)


why? why?

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Why do I do this?

Because it is there? a challenge?who knows… I have driven to Alaska solo ( 1987), driven across country several times, and more by greyhound(yikes!) I have the opportunity and the support of my wife and family, and it is there….a Scooter Adventure!  It WILL be a challenge for me physically, I just turned 50 and the bones that have been creaking for some years and even more creaky… I have a semi flexible schedule… and did I mention that I have a wife that loves me and wishes that I follow my dream??? It will be a challenge to Balance LIFE , work , my son, wife all are going to be busy at the same time, Lets give it a shot…if you wait around to do these things then perhaps you will always be waiting… I’m In! perhaps I am crazy?? but THAT usually helps.

It may be the Chef and catering background, the mise en place, the organization, preparation followed by the execution, the physical challenge. the wanderlust, who knows?? I suppose it makes good conversation….

ME> “I’m planning on riding my Vespa from Vancouver BC to Portland.”

THEM> “Portland?….Oregon?”

ME  > “No the Old Portland, The REAL Portland…Portland Maine.”

THEM> ” on a Vespa????….WTF? are you NUTS???”

ME. >  ” I guess it helps !”

then some comment about a grizzly bear on a roller skate or something…..