Posted: September 22, 2010 in Day 2

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 Three long climbs and descents in the first 80 miles, and cold at the top, well high 30’s COLD for the California and Florida riders… we got a late start due to a fuel problem in the support truck. the mice man Abe, at the OK tire helped us out along with a good dose of “witnessing”, He was pissed at America for screwing up Canada’s economy,  most def watched too much cable TV… He drove us to the US Border in his beat up ford, (about 1 mile south) and showed us the fence( it was completely broken down and overgrown with grass) to prove his point that Canada could invade at any time…lol

Grand Forks was a beautiful place with no law, and plenty of poineer spirit and olde tyme religion.

 crazy long downhills , a border crossing , a little Idaho and then ionto the YAAK river valley and over Forest development road 92, holy smokes, tight , tight, turns and a climb to the top of the world!

 tomorrow, Glacier and the Going to the Sun Road, and more….


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