Back from the black hole…

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Uncategorized

WOW, the Cannonball has truly been an awesome event!, we have run out of superlatives to describe the views, scenery and locations that we have run, in our scooters…. loaded with the day’s supply of snacks, water, tools, raingear or other gear that we think that will come in handy…. UNFORTUNATELY, along with the scenery of Glacier national Park, all of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, comes the BLACK HOLE of NO AT&T 3G ??? what’s that?
I have been riding everyday thinking of what to say to really share this experience and I am at a loss.
You look out over the terrain and say Oh my god, look at that , holy sh*t look in the mirror behind( as we left Glacier Park for example, or as the sun was setting on Western Montana on our “road kill run”.
We had no internet in West Glacier, Bowman ND, and Ortonville, MN. The lucky ones who carry verizon I phones or were willing to handg out in truck stops or diners have been posting as you can see. the best part is the instant posting by Simon, Dave B. Bagel, and BKLwashere, Brian, technology…. how cool.


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